Newborn Baby Photography Sydney

Newborn babies are just so beautiful and very special in our life.

Those little fingers, tiny toes only last for such little time!

So the best time to photograph a newborn is between 5 days to 12 days. However, we do have babies come in at the age of 1 month. 

We will come to your home to photograph your family and baby.

Generally the session lasts around 1hrs to 2 hrs. However our superstar is in charge here, so the time varies depends on the amount of feeding and cuddling required.

Why Bub’s Journey is the best newborn baby photographer in Sydney?

At Bub’s Journey Photography, we believe in the natural bond between you and your baby, so we come to your home to capture the everyday moment for you and your little one. All our props, wraps and clothes are being washed after each and every session and make sure the clothes are sterilised. We take hygiene seriously! 

At Bub’s Journey photography, we love to see our parents and babies relax and comfortable, therefore, our session is stress-free and relaxing. I believe when you are comfortable and relaxing, the photos will come out so much better and you will love what you receive. We don’t force the baby to sleep or to smile, same wise, we don’t stress when the baby is crying or eyes wide open! Because I want to capture the true moment of your life! 

Newborn Photography FAQs

Q: Have you been looking for the best newborn photography in Sydney?

A: You’ve come the the right place. We’re a maternity, baby, and family photography studio located in Sydney, plus we come to your house!

Q: Do you do home visits for the newborn photo shoot?

A: Yes, I include a complimentary home visit for newborn photography without extra cost. (Within Sydney Metro)


Q: Do you have a home studio?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have a home studio at the moment. However, we do come to your home or your chosen location to photograph your family and baby.

Q: What to wear if I want to be in the photos?

A: It will be great if you could wear a simple white shirt without a logo so that we can easily match baby and you.

Q: How much does the photo session cost?

A: Please view the Produce and Pricing page for more information.

Q: When should I book my newborn photography session?

A: For Newborn photography, we advise to book in advance to avoid disappointment. It will be ideal to book as soon as you know your due day.