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My baby is not smiling in the photos!

Does baby have to smile in every photo?

Babies have a range of expressions, it is great to capture all of those different expressions as they learn to produce them. At Katy Liu Photography we love to capture a range of baby’s expressions. Of course the most popular expressions are Happy and Smiling, and don’t worry we will definitely be on the lookout for these. We also try to capture the excitement and intrigue of early childhood, the classic crying face and all the funny ones in between.

I personally LOVE those crying, confusing, funny faces. They are unique in each and every baby. We want to capture baby’s true personality, all of their expressions and all of their emotions.

In 20 years time, when you look back at those photos of their true faces when they were babies, It can take you back in to all those memories. When they grow up, those baby expressions may fade in time but they will be well preserved in our artworks.




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