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How to choose your photographer?

So you need a photographer to capture your little one’s first moments. The first smile, the first time sitting by themself and the first time eating cake. So you go to google, type in Newborn/ baby photographer near me and there are numerous results. How are you going to choose one? As you can see, it’s very competitive in this field. Countless photographers in the area and many of them are not even showing up on Google!

In this article, I will talk about how to choose the right photographer for you. Let’s break it down to 6 tips.

Check their work, photographers have different styles. The most important factor is that you like their style. Make sure their work is consistent. You will find perhaps that some photographers are industry leaders with original works, and others are “replicators” and illegally use other peoples’ photos to falsely advertise their service to you. A good idea is to find a photographer who is able to offer a pre session consult. So you can ask them if they can show you some sessions from their previous work. And make sure it’s matching what they post on their social media or website. This leads to my second point:
Ask for a pre-session consultation, so you get to meet the photographer and talk to them in person before you hand them your baby and money. You should feel safe, comfortable and willing to spend time with the photographer.

If you are looking for newborn photography, you do not want to hand your newborn baby to a photographer who does not know how to handle a newborn baby. Check their work to make sure that they have the right experience in handling newborns. Also understand that some poses may look cute, but are not safe for a newborn baby. Some works may give the impression that they were carried out in one shot but in fact, were several shots taken in a safe way and composed into one.

Check their price, make sure you understand their price and how their studio works. Some studios specialise in selling finished artwork from Album to Wall arts. Some studios only sell digital. Make sure you understand the price and what service and product they are offering. Some photographers do offer payment plans. So if you are on a tight budget you might want to check to see if your photographer can help you with a payment plan. Be aware that not all photographers offer the same quality of photography and service, so it’s important that you consider all elements, however, It is not just about price. You are essentially purchasing an artwork of a precious time in life so it is important to consider all quality factors. More images doesn’t necessarily mean better value.

Search and enquire early in your pregnancy, photographers can book out in months. My advice is to choose your photographer around the time of your 20-week scan to avoid being turned away from your preferred photographer later on in your pregnancy. For cake smash, book your photographer 2-3 months before baby’s birthday is preferable. Some photographers also offer birthday invitations, so you can use one of the baby’s cake smash photos on the invitations.

Not all photographers have a private studio space as Bub’s Journey Photography. Some photographers come to your home and set up a studio in your place, they offer to bring a limited range of props and equipment. Others, like us, have a dedicated photography studio where we do all our Newborn, Sitter and Cake smash sessions. In our studio we have everything that we may need close at hand. If your photographer does have a studio space, feel free to ask to view it before you book in so you know what to expect on the day of your session. We invite all of our clients to our studio in advance. Feel free to reach out to us to express your interest and we’ll arrange a convenient date and time for your pre-session consultation at Bub’s Journey Photography.

I hope that these tips have been useful, and have given you some ideas.


If you’d like any more information from us to help you choose whether Katy Liu Photography could be the right photographer for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions that you have and hope to see you in the studio soon!







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How to choose your photographer?

So you need a photographer to capture your little one’s first moments. The first smile, the first time sitting by themself and the first time eating cake. So you go to google, type in Newborn/ …

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