How much does Newborn Photography cost in Sydney?

When you ask how much does newborn photography costs in Sydney this is obviously going to vary greatly across the board depending on the type of photos and photography package that you are looking for.

With products ranging from 5 – 6 digital copies, up to dozens of photos or a large collection of wall art.

How much does Newborn Photography cost in Sydney?
Prices can vary for newborn baby photography in Sydney? Make sure you go with the best and not the cheapest as these memories last a lifetime!

When considering the price, there are several other factors you will want to look into. Let’s check out a few of the most important. 


Primarily, you want to consider the photographer’s style. Regardless of what price you pay for a photography product, you will find yourself inevitably disappointed if you choose a photographer based purely on their price without considering their style. It is important that you can connect with the newborn photographer’s art. Have a look through their website and portfolio. You should pay attention to characteristics like Colour, perspective, consistency and retouching. And if you are interested in wall art, does the photographer’s style match decorative themes in your home?

Education and experience 

Is the newborn baby photographer certified? What qualifications will they possess? Most professional newborn photographers will have invested heavily in their qualifications and training. They will have state-accredited certifications as well as industry training. Most importantly they will have had at least industry training on how to handle newborn babies for a photoshoot. This training needs to be factored into the cost of providing their service and your consideration when choosing a photographer for your newborn experience.


Safety and sanitation

In the world of COVID19 and other potential infections, one needs to consider Anti-infection protocol. Especially when handling infants. A reasonably priced photographer will have available hand sanitiser as well as the use of clean wraps and sanitised props for every session. 


You will need to factor post-processing into the cost of the final newborn photography product. Will you be given a bunch of plain jpegs or will they be professionally finished with retouching colour correction ready for professional printing? Remember, retouching is also a part of the photographer’s style and it should be factored into their pricing. It is an important part of the final product.

How much does Newborn Photography cost in Sydney?


You will want your photographer to have professional, cutting edge photography equipment to capture baby’s experience with precision and clarity. This should primarily consist of at least a high-grade professional camera. You want to ask if the cost for newborn photography includes props and clothes/baby wraps.


In most cases, the best way to get the most value out of your photography experience is to look at ways you can increase your purchasing power. Can you get value-added by purchasing an upgrade? Or perhaps by adding some wall art for your home?

Generally speaking, a reasonable photographer will charge a session fee. This is typically anywhere between $150 to $300. This is usually to cover the photographer’s cost and time to carry out the photoshoot and will likely not include any actual photography products. You will usually pay for the photos and wall art separately. The photographer may charge per image or perhaps per package butt their pricing and photography packages should be detailed on their website. A photographer may charge $100 for a single image or a package may be several hundred to several thousand dollars. You will usually be able to choose a package that fits your personal needs and budget.

What to look out for when choosing a newborn baby photograper? 

When considering the price of a newborn photographer in Sydney, there are a couple of traps to look out for. If you want a real newborn photography experience, you may want to be careful of advertising phrases like “Cheap photographer” or “$200 for all photos”. In most of these cases, if the price is cheap, most likely, so is the end product.

Check the baby photographer’s portfolio and website. Make sure their photos stack up. Trust your instinct, If it seems too good to be true, it most probably is. You don’t want to fall into the trap of hiring the cheapest photographer who is offering the most images only to receive at the end a bunch of mediocre happy snaps that you could have taken yourself at home. A cheap photographer is probably lacking one (most likely quite a few) of the factors above.

Look for a reasonably priced professional newborn photographer who can deliver a great experience as well as a high-quality product that you can cherish forever. Especially when you are looking at a newborn photographer. You will only have 1 chance to capture this moment. Bub only a newborn for the first couple of weeks of their journey, after the first few weeks, there is no going back. 


What is the best price got a newborn photographer?

Well, that depends. I would suggest, considering all of the above, for a reasonably priced newborn photography package that you want to budget for at least $500 – $1000. This is the minimum you want to be looking at for a proper professional newborn photographer if you are on a budget. You can vastly increase your purchasing power by moving into the $1000 – $2000 range. You might be able to substantially increase the number of digital images and/or printed images you receive per dollar amount. If you would like to add wall art to your home, you will need to consider $1500 + for well priced professional-grade wall art. Ask your photographer if they can offer any recommendations for building a package for your budget and what extra value you might be able to grab by upgrading your package.




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How much does Newborn Photography cost in Sydney?

When you ask how much does newborn photography costs in Sydney this is obviously going to vary greatly across the board depending on the type of photos and photography package that you are looking for. …

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