Why should I have family photography?

Hey there! If you’re on the fence about having a family photoshoot, let me tell you – it’s definitely worth it! Here are a few reasons why family photography is such a great idea: First and foremost, family photography captures all the love and joy of your family in one place. Imagine looking back on […]

How much does Newborn Photography cost in Sydney?


When you ask how much does newborn photography costs in Sydney this is obviously going to vary greatly across the board depending on the type of photos and photography package that you are looking for. With products ranging from 5 – 6 digital copies, up to dozens of photos or a large collection of wall […]

So you are worried that your newborn will cry throughout the entire photo session.

This is on the minds of many parents. Parents might be worried that they will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an album full of tears and sad faces. Newborn babies can be unpredictable. However, in my personal experience, these concerns rarely materialise as there is an extremely low probability that we will be […]

Secret to getting the best value photography package.

Secret to getting the best value photography package.

When you look into budgeting for your photography session, it is a good idea to allow for a little flexibility. When it comes to photography packages, bigger is better! The more photos you purchase, the less you will pay per photo. The phenomenon applies especially to wall art, so keep an open mind and a […]

How to choose your baby photographer?

How to choose your baby photographer?

So you need a baby photographer to capture your little one’s first moments. The first smile, the first time sitting by themself and the first time eating cake. So you go to google, type in Newborn/ baby photographer near me and there are numerous results. How are you going to choose one? As you can […]