Hello everyone, I am Katy Richardson, the girl behind the camera at Bubs Journey Photography. I love children and I love Photography! So one day I thought to myself, why not combine the two things I love most and make it my career? And that’s how Bubs Journey Photography was born! 

I hope you can join me on my journey, and let me capture your beautiful family and baby. Let me help you to preserve the moment and keep it for life!

I studied Photography at TAFE because I love to create art that I have in my mind, and at the same time make beautiful memories for people I photograph. I am also professionally trained to handle newborns.

Many Mums asked if I have children because I am so good at putting the baby off to sleep, more efficiently than most mums. The short answer is: not yet but hopefully in the not-too-distant future. I just love to work with newborns, babies, and children! I enjoy creating art that will last for a lifetime! I love to think about the pictures I create on your wall, in your album! 50 years from now, babies, I have photographed might show their children or grandchildren: ” Look, this is me!” This thought brings big smiles to my face and it gives me purpose in life! To create memories for generations!

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