Baby Photography Sydney

Newborn babies are the cutest. We want to remember them from this age forever.

Parents try so hard to hold onto all of those memories. It’s the important, more minor details that matter the most.

To remember what their baby looked like when they were so young. Little snippets but special memories are often worn by the sands of time. So I decided to step in and help to keep those memories bound forever as part of your daily lives. Having a new baby is an extraordinary time for any parent, those tiny details, the little smiles, yawns, and the new bond between parents, siblings, and their latest addition to the family. Having a baby is not always just about happy faces. Sometimes, it can be of the many highs and lows, and I believe all of those are worth documenting and celebrating.

I love capturing the natural bond of you and your baby; no posing necessary, no force smiles. I believe your genuine emotion is the most pleasant thing in the world for you to look back to later on. I put a lot of emphasis on creating a pressure-free experience that you will enjoy; you will love and laugh with the most important people in your life. When we have finished our session, you do not only gain a unique experience but a bucket load of memories and photos documenting your little one and your family that you can keep forever. The little details of your new baby!

I would describe my style as natural, pure, and simple. I love white, light, natural colors, and textures.

For the newborn photoshoot, I have a lot of baby clothes, wraps, headbands for you to choose from. I believe the photoshoot is all about your baby, so tend to minimise the use of props and maintain focus on your baby’s beautiful, unique newborn features that will change so quickly.

I also enjoy capturing babies and families. The baby journey doesn’t stop after we do the newborn shoot. Every step is a new journey for you and your baby. I love to be able to photograph and celebrate every moment with you, baby’s 100 days, baby’s first sitting moment, baby’s first step, and the first time your baby tastes their a birthday cake! These are the moments you do not want to forget; being a photographer, as a photographer, these are my favourite precious moments to capture!

I photograph babies and families all over the Sydney Metro area. The main areas I cover are Western Sydney. The memories of our childhood are made up of the everyday moments that are happening at our home with our loved ones. The places we feel comfortable with, the people we love. Where everyone relaxes on a sofa, cuddling and laughing. That’s the memories we want to keep and tell.

If you and your family enjoy the outdoors, let’s go out and have an adventure in the open air. The beach, the local park, the bush. Do what you like and enjoy the day as a family! I love photographing children being themselves, playful, carefree in nature and in the city, climbing a tree; running into the water; being outside, always bonding as a family, we see the same tree, we smell the same flower. It also brings out the magic and wonder of childhood.

We describe our lives in stories. So I enjoy creating artworks to tell stories and stories within stories. Starting with the big picture, newborn to cake smashing and beyond, all the way down to the smaller stories, the cheeky smile as she sleeps with the cute, funny faces. The way he discovers cake and experiences the new tastes and sensations. To capture the fun as it unravels. Then to compile these tales together in a string of special events that encapsulates the story of your family.


Create memories together and make it a part of your home

Katy x

Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn photography is the very first journey with your little bub! And I would love to share the special moment with you and create an unforgettable memory you will never forget!

Ideal for babies between 5- 14 days

100 days baby photography

The baby changed so much in just 100 days, In China, when the baby is 100 days old, parents will invite families and friends to celebrate with the baby and wish the baby to live to be 100 years old! 
We are in Australia, it’s not easy to invite all the family and friends, therefore I want to celebrate this with you and document the celebration so you can share with your friends and family back at home.

Ideal for babies between 3 months – 4 months old

Sitting Session Baby Photography

What can be more excited for your bub to start sitting by themselves for the very first time? Bub’s Journey Photography would love to join you in this journey! And create a special memory that never fades!

Ideal for babies between 6- 9 months old when baby can sit by themselves

Cake Smash Baby Photography

So, your bubby is turning one! What a special achievement for both yourself and little Bub! You have been through a lot and it’s time to celebrate the 1-year-old!! At Bub’s Journey Photography we would love to join you in this special journey and celebrate with you for this big achievement! You can do the cake smash at Bub’s 10 months and put the photo on the birthday invitation! Or make it a celebration itself and have a fun cake smash day!

Ideal for babies between 10-12 months old

Family Session Photography

How can you call it a Bub’s journey if there is no family photos involved?
At Bub’s journey photography the journey doesn’t end at 1 year old! We love to have you back each and every year for a family photo experience! You can see that as family time with your baby! We can capture babies’ every step, every achievement!

Ideal for babies and family at any age




Hello everyone, I am Katy Richardson, the girl behind the camera at Bubs Journey Photography. I love children and I love Photography! So one day I thought to myself, why not combine the two things I love most and make it my career? And that’s how Bubs Journey Photography was born! 

I hope you can join me on my journey, and let me capture through photography your beautiful family and baby. Let me help you to preserve the moment and keep it for life!

Baby Photography FAQ's

To make an enquiry, please contact Katy via the contact form on site or email: or Call: 0410 986 198 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. 

To confirm you booking or guarantee any availability around your due date or session, you will need to complete the follow:

  1. Complete and return the online booking form.
  2. pay and confirm your session fee.
    (Please note, the booking fee secures the time and services of the photographer for the shoot and until it is paid the time slot is not confirmed and therefore still available for other enquiries)

Although we recommend to book in as soon as you know your due day or as soon as you decide to have a photoshoot as my dairy could fill up quick. However I will always do my best to accommodate you, so please feel free to get in touch and check my availability last minute.

I am a professional Newborn and baby photographer based in the Western Sydney, and I travel to your home or chosen location within Sydney Metro to photograph you and your baby with no addition charge. 

Outdoor session can be arrange for family, elder children as well.

For sitter, cake smash and family session, it normally takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

And newborn session takes about 1-2 hours. 

Session length is very much guided by your little one.

Please also allow 20-30 minutes setup and pack up time.


As we are newborn and family photography studio, we photograph newborn by themselves and with parents and siblings.

For any newborn session, we will photography Newborn with siblings then newborn with parents. and last newborn with both parents and siblings. After that we will be focusing on newborn, so during this time we kindly ask one of the parents take the sibling out from the room we photographing as elder children can be tired by then and we do not want them get grumpy during the photo session.

For family and sitter photography and cake smash, we do the exact same thing as newborn.

We kindly ask only immediate family present on the photoshoot. 

Shortly after your session (generally same day), we will invite you to go on Zoom for your in-person viewing and ordering session where you can decide which collection/photos you would like to order.

If you would like to purchase any further gift items, wall art or albums, these can also be viewed at this time.

Please note, all the voucher and promotion can only use during the first in person viewing and ordering session. 




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